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20 May 2024

Making dreams come true at Gosforth Civic Theatre

Young person singing into a microphone at Gosforth Civic Theatre

Social Investment Business is working with Heyday UK Films on a film project to capture the impact the Youth Investment Fund on young people and youth services in the most underserved areas of England.

The films capture youth voice and show the difference having a youth centre created around their needs can make to their lives. The films communicate why youth provision is vital and its potential to transform young people’s lives, giving them new opportunities to make friends, have fun, thrive and develop new skills for life and work.

One of the amazing youth centres funded by the Youth Investment Fund and other generous funders is Gosforth Civic Theatre. Their renovated youth hub opened its doors to young people in August 2023. They offer young people gaming, dance, drama and arts activities in their arts venue and cafe in Gosforth, Newcastle. It’s a truly inclusive space for performance, music, and events, at the heart of the community.

The newly renovated space is a safe, creative place where young people can thrive and meet other young people they might not normally see and enjoy learning from each other. The film shows how the new Gosforth Civic Theatre space is changing young people’s lives.


Young people say they love the new space, they say it’s a space to be creative, make friends, express yourself, be adventurous and have fun. In the film, young people share what Gosforth Civic Theatre means to them:

“Honestly, since coming here, I thought it was really great. Like this is the place that’s making my dreams come true.”

“We get to be a community.”

“Getting out of the house and doing something encouraging like singing or dancing is good for you and your mental health.”

“I like how we are just like one community, not separate.”

“It’s great to see what people are capable of.”

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