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Our quality policy – supporting the sector 

Social Investment Business provides loans, grants and strategic support to charities and social enterprises to help them improve people’s lives. We have helped hundreds of organisations become more resilient and sustainable so that they can grow and increase their impact. We were one of the UK’s first social investors and since 2002 have provided over £400 million of loans and grants to charities and social enterprises. 

Our quality policy is to deliver a customer focused high quality service where quality is reflected in everything we do. 

We update our procedures regularly so that they are up-to-date and keep us effective, cost efficient and fair in the ways we work. We have a set of strategic priorities which sets the framework of activity for all our staff. 

Our strategic priorities for this year are: 

  • Listening, designing and adapting to customer demand and need 
  • Embed data and impact in core activities, especially decision-making 
  • Grow influence with government & sector on key issues (policymakers and peers) 
  • Maximise impact through focusing on the people and places most in need, post-Covid 
  • Ensure SIB continuity through a strong operating model and balance sheet. Underpinned by: Operational excellence & a Renewed approach to training / performance 

We work through our priorities jointly with our staff and support our staff to understand their role in achieving the priorities. This is done through work objectives/targets which are included in team and individual work plans for the year. 

We track our performance against our project targets and our Directors Group and Board receive reports on performance so that we are all aware of our progress as well as our learnings. 

Our employees are our greatest asset and we support them in their professional and personal development; and we celebrate our employees’ successes including their efforts in meeting our targets. We ask for and get regular feedback from our staff and our customers and act to make improvements wherever we can. We do our very best to offer high quality services to our customers and to do whatever is necessary to continually improve our customers’ experiences. 


Our quality objective for 2021-22 is: 

To achieve 85% of the agreed 11 corporate KPIs for 2021-22. 

Our Directors Group provides the leadership and sets the standard for the organisation to follow. 

Chief Executive: Nick Temple 


Read the full document here: Quality Policy document >

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