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A beacon of light for more young people in Bodmin

KBSK, based in a deprived area of Cornwall, offers inclusive dance opportunities to local young people, including those from deprived and isolated areas of the county, and young people with complex and additional needs, or those who struggle with their mental health.

KBSK was set up by Adie Dove, who grew up on a deprived council estate in Cornwall, and had a dream of becoming a dancer. It was an impossible dream, but her mum sacrificed everything to make it happen. Adie wanted to give other young people the same opportunities as her and was inspired to set up KBSK in 2012, so local young people could also have the opportunity to access the arts, a space to express themselves and to flourish. KBSK uses dance as a means to engage young people and develop them into community leaders.

Young people enjoying dance at KBSK in Cornwall

KBSK now has an amazing opportunity to transform and extend its services for young people in Bodmin. A Youth Investment Fund grant means KBSK can build and extend its youth service offer to young people, and once complete it will be able to support hundreds more young people. It’s a ground-breaking opportunity to prioritise the needs of young people and deliver the life-changing services they need, creating a more equal society for future generations.

I want every young person to have access to a safe and nurturing space that provides life changing opportunities. because every young person deserves that right. I truly believe that this new centre is going to be a beacon of light for so many and the Youth Investment Fund has made this vision a reality.

Adie Dove
KBSK CIC Managing Director

The KBSK project will provide a new social indoor space for young people. The centre will offer multiple services under one roof to support children, young people, and families in times of need, as well as a varied timetable of activity to interact and engage with including dance, education, youth nights and workshops throughout the week. The Youth Investment Fund grant will transform KBSK services for young people and enhance the local area with the aims to combat the rise in anti-social behaviour and to provide more opportunities for young people to achieve and reach their full potential.

Young people have been at the heart of developing the new KBSK space. From youth led committee meetings over pizza, to being creative in designing the new centre’s mural during graffiti projects supported by Safer Bodmin and Bodmin Town Council.

I'd love to have a space to call ours, somewhere safe and warm.

Esme, aged 12
One of the young people at KBSK

Young person at KBSK learning some dance moves

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