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We love Nottingham Mencap, but our roof leaks!

Nottingham Mencap offers vital support for children and young people with learning disabilities and autism.

Nottingham Mencap is much-loved by children and young people, but Nottingham Mencap is housed in a cramped, run-down building, it is dilapidated, and leaks, so water buckets are a regular feature. It’s not accessible to all and they cannot support all the young people and children they want to help, and demand is high.  


I like coming here but the building is rubbish. The roof is always leaking. I can’t wait for the new building to be ready. I want to do some DJ’ing and use the gym. I can’t get upstairs very well so the lift will be fun.

One of the young people who loves Nottingham Mencap

Image of young man with custard pie on his face, and three young girl wearing Hawaiian costumes.
Young people having fun at Nottingham Mencap

The Youth Investment Fund will transform Nottingham Mencap’s vital youth work project and will enable them to support more people, as well as being a welcoming place for those with more complex needs. The funding means they can now renovate a newly purchased three-storey city-centre building. By the time it opens its doors, it will offer children and young people some amazing new opportunities including a music and drama room, IT suite, gymnasium with two kitchens. The Youth Investment Fund grant also means Nottingham Mencap can be fully accessible to everyone. 

More than anything, the funding means that Nottingham Mencap will be vibrant, welcoming, safe, and warm place, which can support 100 young people at a time, hopefully reaching about 325 children and young people every week. It means Nottingham Mencap will be “a place we can shout about.”  

We are very excited about this opportunity to offer vital new provision for children and young people across Nottinghamshire. We will be proud to offer these within a well-designed, warm, and welcoming new premises. Children and young people with autism and learning disabilities deserve a chance to flourish within a building designed for their needs.

Mike Caston
CEO for Nottingham Mencap

The Youth Investment Fund grant will make a huge difference to Nottingham Mencap. Children and young people will feel valued, be more active and be able to develop social skills. Parents and carers will have an increase in support and respite, which is so important, enabling them to be better able to support their child when they are at home.

The team hopes that waiting lists will be a thing of the past too and are excited about making a bigger impact on children and young people’s lives.  


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