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Youth services designed by young people, for young people

Young people are right at the heart of the 105th Sheffield (High Green) Scout Group.

When the Scouts first heard about the amazing opportunity to bid for the Youth Investment Fund, they got together to create a compelling film to support the funding application. It was designed, directed, and filmed by a group of young people who love their Scout group. They said that their Scout hut is falling apart:

“It’s basically a giant shed, built in 1962. It’s past it’s life expectancy, it’s rotten, cold, freezing in winter and it’s got an asbestos roof.”

“It takes a lot of gas to heat it, it’s got an extensive carbon footprint, and it’s bad for the environment and global warming. It is not a sustainable building.”

“It’s small with a very basic kitchen and only has one main room. There’s not much space or facilities for badge work here. I can’t even bring my friends along, as there’s no more space.”

They told us that:

“If we can’t replace the building it will need demolishing in five years’ time.”

The Scouts and Explorer Scouts got together to start learning about applying for funding, and what was important to them in their imagined new building. They drew floors plans and starting listing all the good and bad things about their current building. They used games and quizzes to get them thinking about what they wanted. Some of the dreams didn’t make the short list, like having a “helicopter landing pad.”

The architects came up with three options based on the young people’s idea. The Scouts took the best ideas from all three options and put them into one great plan. They all agreed that the new build must be good for the environment by adding things like solar panels so they can generate more power than they need.

“It will be a Net Zero carbon building, we won’t be using gas, so we can stop burning fossil fuels. It will be better for the environment and cheaper to run.”

Having some renovated outside space means the Scouts can practice making fires and all their camp-craft skills. And there’s a great new kitchen that will help them complete more badge work and learn new skills.

“We have even got a say in what the toilets will look like! And we got to choose the colour for the outside walls; we chose purple to match the Scout logo.”

Having a great new space means even more young people can enjoy Scouts and lots more community groups can use the space too.

In the film, young people showed that with a Youth Investment Fund grant they can grow the number of 11 to18 years olds using their Scout headquarters from 69 to 267, through Scouting and other local youth organisations. That’s in addition to 70 young people attending their younger sections (Squirrels, Beavers, and Cubs).

They said: “without funding the building would be demolished in five years’ time.”

Summing up what the funding would mean to them, the Scouts said:

We’ve been around for nearly 100 years; the funding will help us be around for another 100 years. The Youth Investment Fund will make our dream a reality. Help us to grow, help us to flourish, help us deliver skills for life, help us to support the next generation, help us secure our future.

Scouts from 105th Sheffield (High Green)

Their dreams have come true now, a Youth Investment Fund grant of £1,826,492, will transform their Scout headquarters and ensure that the 105th Sheffield (High Green) Scout Group will be here for future generations of young people.

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